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Aerozon original parfum lamp

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17 cm hoog

Aerozon Original Signature

Hand Painted

Jaren 50

Zit een soort barst in die wel glad aanvoelt (zie foto)

A wonderful ca. 1930 Art Deco Aerozon perfume lamp.
Decorated with different birds.
In the 20th Century people smoked heavily and these lamps
were used to reduce the smell of smoke in their homes.
On the figurine is a small oil reservoir, which can be filled with scented oil.
When the lamp is turned on, the heat of the light bulb would heat the oil and the
fragrance would emanate into the room and provide a more pleasant smell.
These perfume lamps came in all shapes and sizes...dogs, cats, owls, sailboats,
pagodas, birds, fabel characters, bears, fish...and on and on.
Most of these lamps were produced in Germany, they are called there "Rauchverzehrer"
Today they are a collectors item, since they have been out of production for many many years.